Harlow Jiu Jitsu take ten medals from International Championships

HARLOW Jiu Jitsu brought home ten medals from the 13th International Course and Championships in Southend on Saturday 22nd June.

15 students from the GPCA based club participated, with ages ranging from 5 to 30 years old.

Sensei Dave Rintoul, 6th Dan, praised the students for their determination and would like to thank the parents for their continued support.

The competing students, minus Bobby Stevens and Jude Fenn, as they were unable to attend club the following Monday night.

Luke Shipwright (30), took Gold in Continuous Fighting.
Layla Stevens (13) gained Gold in Random Attacks and Ground fighting, plus Bronze in Continuous Fighting.
Keiran McGuinness (13) won Gold in Continuous Fighting.
Luke Williamson (15) took Gold in Random Attacks.
Xen Alford (10) gained Silver in Continuous Fighting and Bronze in Random Attacks.
Lacey jay Mace (9) won Gold in Random Attacks.
Layla Gamble (7), entering her first competition, gained a Bronze medal in Ground Fighting.
Jake Ward (13) gained Silver in Continuous fighting.

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