Pay it Forward Harlow- They need your help!

Charity / Thu 23rd Jan 2020 pm31 12:31pm

Pay it Forward Harlow-need YOUR help!

STREETS 2 Homes are working with Safer Places (Women’s Refuge) to create a safe space to house five single female residents who would otherwise be homeless.

A spokesperson said: “We have a lovely opportunity to provide these ladies with a fresh start. We are looking to kit out their new safe spaces with a variety of essentials and comfort items to make their transition as easy as possible, and this is where we need your help!

We have a list of items we would love you to purchase for them, with a variety of items depending on your budget. For bigger gifts, why not share the cost with friends or colleagues?

We have a Local Giving page for which we will be able to purchase some of the smaller food, toiletries and household items from.

Please help us and get involved, it takes 5 minutes to donate – you can do this by the fundraising page or the Amazon wish list.

You can donate here:


Or purchase a gift here:


If you don’t feel able to donate or contribute right now, we get it- so please help us in other ways so share share share this post and invite your friends to join the group and get involved.

Our deadline is the 3rd of February for this, so please don’t delay- do your bit today!

“Any additional funds raised for this project will go towards a fund for improving these ladies mental and physical health and for giving them the fresh start they need”.

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Schmeltz Herring
2020-01-25 10:07:19

local giving link didnt work for me. This seems to be it though https://localgiving.org/fundraising/payitforwardharlowstreets2homes/

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