Abbotsweld Primary students visit Houses of Parliament

Abbotsweld Primary Academy / Mon 5th Sep 2022 at 07:38am

MEMBERS of the student body at Abbotsweld Primary Academy attended the Houses of Parliament for a tour of the historic building, as well as a workshop on campaigning. 

The children began their journey by catching the overground train from Harlow Town, where many of them remarked how much they love travelling on the train. Upon arriving at Liverpool Street, they embarked on the next part of their journey – the famous London Underground! Eventually, they arrived at Westminster, where they were greeted by Big Ben (a first for many). Through the hustle and bustle, under glorious sunshine, they walked quickly to the engagement centre to arrive on time for their tour. 


At the engagement centre, the children went through security and made the short journey to the queen’s entrance – a memorable moment, as the children used the very same stairs that her majesty uses upon visiting the remarkable building. Strolling through the corridors, listening to the guide, they were in awe of the high ceilings, enormous paintings and opulent decoration. The House of Lords and the House of Commons were a tremendous sight. The children were especially fond of the queen’s throne in the House of Lords with its red velvet cushions and enormous, shimmering gold frame.

After the tour, the children sat and ate their packed lunches in the park, alongside the River Thames, where they discussed their visit. One of the children said, with an enormous smile, “This is one of the best trips I have been on in my life!” This comment demonstrates what a rewarding experience the visit was for all involved.

Head of School, Mrs Benson said: “It is so important as part of our Sense Of SELF’ that children are exposed to and fascinated by the world around them. A trip to parliament does just that”

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2022-09-05 20:35:06

The Palace of Westminster really is a fantastic building in spite of its occupants. More children should be given the opportunity to visit the area.

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