Free Sunset Sessions in the Town Park: Interview with Jeebo

Charity / Wed 2nd Aug 2023 at 10:03am

WITH the free Sunset Sessions coming up later in the month, Ecco’s Ezra Folan interviewed one of the acts, Jeebo.

Tell me a bit about your story as a musician. How did it start?

I suppose it all started with my grandfather. He was a gifted piano player but never had the privilege to pursue music professionally being working class and of his time. Flash forward to now and I am still proud to be working class, but so lucky to have had the opportunity to play and create my music.

At 18 I first picked up a guitar and the rest is history.
When I started to learn guitar I played covers of songs I liked. Blisters, tears and more blisters later I started playing around with melody and leaking words onto the page, the begins of my songwriting.
It was only later when I had success in a few competitions I thought I should take myself more seriously. My first endeavour was to create a rockabilly band called ‘George and The Liabilities’ which lead to radio shows for the BBC and playing live shows for the first time.

Music was like a drug to me, having my closest mates around me whilst you perform to a crowd what else more could I want?

My journey morphed and turned and acting took the spotlight. I landed a spot at a drama school where I could flex my music and songwriting muscles further, this is where I learned more of a poetic style of writting.

After hundreds of voice-notes and lyric book filled pages I arrived at a new place, where music could be work without it feeling like ‘work’. I like to keep things as playful as possible and I still play those old songs on the acoustic where I first started.
Jeebo was born; my love for my music.

What does your artist’s name mean? Where it came from?

JEEBO started as a weird nickname given to me by my close friends. Making a band name can be a beautiful thing for musicians, a symbol of their craft and music making. It can be metaphorical or maybe it has some deep hidden meaning…

Jeebo doesn’t have that artsy vibe to it. It just is. I didn’t have to think so hard for a name. It’s as stupid as it is playful and Jeebo allows me to be cheeky, the transition from nickname to band name worked out well for me.

What are the bands, singers and sounds you draw inspiration from?

The first few albums I owned were Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys and Eminem. Suck it and see, Demon Days & The Marshall Matters.

At the moment I’m listening to sounds of Wunderhorse, Pixies, Damon Albarn, Kinks, Wave Pictures, Last Shadow Puppets, Ten Tonnes…

I think each new generation has the honour of inheriting a taste for music, being immersed in music when you’re young you subconsciously soak it up, then come your teens where you break previous musical habits and teenage angst leads to many new sound experiences and feelings, finding your groove.

I finally have arrived as a young adult and realise I have love for all styles of music. I am always looking to discover experiences and surprises from new sounds, new music and new writing. Music continues to inspire me in all ways.

In your socials the colour palette you choose is mainly red, black and white. Why? What does it convey?

Red is the colour of life, love and death.

When we see red we see danger, or maybe we see a heart or emotion. My reaction to experiencing a red colour or image feels connected to the sounds of Jeebo.

The black and whites are very close to my heart, the 1950’s/60’s aesthetic are an inspiration to visual side of how I’d like to be perceived. Picture a checkered dance floor jam packed with teenagers who have snuck out of their bedroom windows to dance the night away wearing their shiny black hand-me-down shoes and dressed up to the nines.

Things have changed for sure, but we can argue that those perceived innocent days linger on. We still have to risk it all in the music world and going to see a gig it should feel like being revolutionary in a good way.

What is the audience you imagine for your music? Age range, interests, location.

Music should be universal, ageless.

Kids can have old souls and collect tapes and records. You could be 80 but feel 18. But we all have the music in common. I would love to appeal to as many generations as possible.

I love to see a range of colourful individuals in the audience. I’m honoured to be able to hold such a vast, wild yet cohesive community around my music. It’s the sort of thing you realise that you are apart of on reflection. A community. Wether you’re at a festival or a live concert, it’s there. You are making connections with every word, stroke or hit.

I’d love to be able to select a specific location to Rock-out in but at the moment I am 1 hour away from the ol’ big smoke, London and I would love to make my impression amongst all of the seriously talented artists there.

Define your music style in 5 words

Dynamic, Indie, Alternative, melodic, rock

What socials and platform do you already use, and which ones would you like to use in the future?

I use Instagram the most. I can’t wait for the day where I have more time to be connected with fans (friends and fam).

Which are your favourite venues you played at? What are the characteristics of the venues you feel more comfortable at?

I love, love, love the club venues like Water Rats and Camden Assembly, but would love the chance to perform at Kentish Town O2 as I have seen so many incredible artists perform there over the years. What a dream it would be to be up on that stage one day. Being there for an audience and hoping to inspire another generation would be an honour.

How do you see your sound changing in the future?

I am interested in more time developing different sounds through different instruments. I love the power and transcendent feeling of a full classical orchestra and am looking at how I could shape up some of my future work incorporating that big-scale, massive sound. Watch this space!


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