Letter to the Editor: The Queensgate roundabout on Edinburgh Way

Your Say / Mon 11th Dec 2023 at 08:07am

Dear Editor,

THIS weekend, I used the Queensgate roundabout and while it was overgrown, I can’t say that has ever been the problem for me with this roundabout.

It has been the sheer traffic and the location.

I can see now that it has been completely butchered and looks an embarrassing mess.

A shingle roundabout! Who made that decision?

It just looks so terrible. Could not the trees just been left and then grass seed and soil been placed on the roundabout? By the Spring it would look half decent.

Easier, cheaper and better for the environment.


Name and address supplied

Editor’s Note: Planting is taking place today on the roundabout which is part of the agreed works and Essex County Council have been asked to repair the signs on the roundabout

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25 Comments for Letter to the Editor: The Queensgate roundabout on Edinburgh Way:

John Mayhew
2023-12-11 08:49:19

At least it is a lot safer and you can see the traffic coming round it, both my wife and neighbour have had accidents there in the past. I would much prefer a safer roundabout that a pretty one. I think traffic lights would be the answer as it is such a busy roundabout.

Bruce Downey
2023-12-11 10:01:27

Usual bodge job from the council.. where is the pride in this!? Certainly won’t be putting this up in their photo gallery for public consumption..in their so-called achievements.🙄

2023-12-11 12:41:02

It may be ugly, but it's not a bodge job. A long overdue change to improve the safety of drivers using the roundabout. It's more important to be able to see other drivers when navigating the roundabout, especially as too many go too fast or don't follow the Highway Code.

2023-12-11 15:30:37

The traffic issue is mainly caused by the shopping park, they need something to help the flow of traffic at the bottom of the ramp into the car parks. There seems to be some issue with turning right in front of B&M.

2023-12-11 15:43:59

Planting will be happening - I went round it on Sunday and there were definitely bags of some sort of shrubbery on the roundabout waiting to be planted. It's far better now - it's a small yet very busy roundabout and had no visibility across it so you couldn't anticipate safe access. Other than extremely busy periods where the problems are caused by traffic backing up out of the shopping park this should make traffic flow more smoothly as you'll have more sight of whether the route is clear or not.

Dual Carriageway
2023-12-11 16:30:59

Hopefully they’ll get rid of the whole roundabout and make the main road all the way along from gates to the train station dual carriage way! Crazy how we are still using the same roads that were made when Harlow was first built (when the number of cars around the whole town was probably the same amount that we have in one street alone now!) do the maths!

2023-12-11 17:08:30

It was always a difficult roundabout to see round, perhaps now we might have a chance to use it without fear of being crashed into . In my opinion it’s better without the thicket that was growing on it.

Bruce Downey
2023-12-11 17:19:06

Too many cars, Harlow and the country can’t cope! Time for a cull.. one car share per household.. Options: Walk, get on your bikes, Public transport , and car share with car going your way..

2023-12-11 17:19:09

If you think the traffic is bad now wait until Gilston Garden town is built with it's 10,000 plus homes and the other planned developments by Epping District Council on neighbouring land around Harlow, Some very serious upgrades to the towns infrastructure is needed and I would suggest now rather than after the homes are built as is the usual case.

2023-12-11 18:50:28

Today they were there planting shrubs

Nogin the nog
2023-12-11 20:16:48

Be nice if thay did somthing whith the clock tower roundabout so you could see traffic coming round it is terrible trying to get out from potter street in the mornings

2023-12-11 20:42:34

The traffic flow has only ever been an issue since the traffic lights for the KFC/Homebase/Argos were installed, it stalls traffic flow in the entire area. Previous to this, there was seldom an issue.

2023-12-12 05:45:15

Since the development of new establishments in this area, it has become more congested due to the traffic. I believed that putting a traffic lights is far more safer for all motorist. Just my thought.

Sue Nash
2023-12-12 08:41:01

I passed this roundabout yesterday and they were planting grasses in the gravel. Presumably these will bush out but not grow upwards to obscure the view for drivers. It looks a dramatic change but much needed.

2023-12-12 14:01:01

They need to sort the bloody disgusting flooded and broken pavement on Howard Way,just past zebra crossing coming from stow direction. What a mess,a total mess. The road and pavement flooded and mud everywhere. Me and my elderly dog got soaked by some scumbag today going past in their car,although they could have slowed down and gone round the flood. Restore pride,what a joke. Angry is an understatement. Fix everything that is broken in Harlow, instead of focusing on the new build homes. We dont all drive,so sort the state of the pavements out. I will not be letting this go,believe me.

2023-12-12 14:03:13

This has all become a joke on your harlow. Not putting my comment on here is wrong,but have it your way. I will not be ignored so i will complain and be heqrd another way.

2023-12-12 15:18:20

You know what, no one can win these days… leave the trees and people will complain that it’s dangerous and no one can see what’s happening on the roundabout. Clear it all (ok it doesn’t look great at the moment but come spring maybe there’s plans to make it look better) and people moan that it doesn’t look nice enough!! Stop moaning!

2023-12-13 06:30:00

Agree with Dual carriageway from the station down to Bristol Street Motors , plus a left hand filter lane into Tesco when coming from gates would also be helpful.

christine camichel
2023-12-13 15:15:11

This roundabout is dangerous,there should be traffic lights instead. But I had to smile watching six men planting grasses it took them all day just to do half.

2023-12-15 15:08:32

Well me personally I think it’s much better as your able to actually see cars approaching and leaving the roundabout. We have a Karen on our hands

2023-12-15 16:53:03

What pleasant difference it makes now. You can see all round the roundabout and seems much safer

Luke Burton
2023-12-19 11:03:18

Insanity how these roads and roundabouts serve 3 major retail parks, a railway station, and the new M11 junction.

2023-12-19 13:12:10

It would help if people bothered to indicate their Intentions instead of driving around in a bubble

Dan Long
2023-12-22 20:36:26

The only problem with that roundabout is, the right light has a arrow directing traffic to go straight when the arrow in the right lane should be marked and directing drivers to go right.

2023-12-22 23:53:25

I have never had any issues when using this roundabout. If I can't see a car coming, then I have enough time to enter safely. However, the other roundabout, at the top, leading to Mcdonald's and Halfords carpark is a different story. Entering the roundabout as you exit the car park is dangerous as cars coming up from the right-hand side, past Mcdonalds, tend to enter at a fast speed, and there are bushes along the path obstructing the view.

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