Letter to Editor: UKIP is back to fight local elections

Politics / Mon 19th Feb 2024 at 11:35am

Dear Sir,

THE UNITED KINGDOM Independence Party (UKIP) with the support of many good business entrepreneurs such as Sir Tim Martin, did demonstrate the benefits of being an independent self governing nation by winning the Referendum to leave the EU. 

Sadly the Conservatives have squandered the opportunity and failed to implement the legislation to enact our Independence. 

Further more, our Harlow Council and our MP have failed in their duty to provide essential services (a new hospital being just one example) and economic conditions to provide a reasonable standard of living.

So UKIP is now back in Harlow to fight elections and return democratic power to the people of Harlow. 


Martin Harvey

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16 Comments for Letter to Editor: UKIP is back to fight local elections:

2024-02-19 14:13:20

Love that first sentence about being an independent self governing nation. Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted to remain in the EU but had Brexit foisted on them, guess UKIP doesn't see them as separate nations. And as for democracy, does UKIP support the existing first past the post system or do they prefer a form of proportional representation so that we have a govt which reflects how people vote-in fact this would benefit the minor parties like them and give us a fairer system

Hamish McTavish
2024-02-19 23:15:29

Please stop publishing propaganda from a busted party, got 129 votes between two by-elections last Thursday, my cat could have got more. Did you know that last week your real leader / chairman / everything got kicked out as a Justice of the Peace for telling fibs?

2024-02-20 12:18:34

Ha Ha Hamish "Please stop publishing propaganda from a busted party"-you do realise this is not about the tories.

Martin Harvey
2024-02-21 12:00:12

The corrupt establishment was happy with a two party government that could easily be manipulated in a dictatorial manner. Then UKIP appeared as a party that aimed for a Nation governed democratically as the electorate desired. UKIP was a threat to the status-quo, so the establishment infiltrated and eventually ran UKIP off the field. In Harlow there are well over 7,000 supporters who can put UKIP back on the political agenda, so watch this space, we are back in Town.

2024-02-21 12:16:49

To Martin (Harvey?) Dear Martin, I'm nearly sure you are the old-timer ukipper in Harlow who many years back mentioned in a meeting that you'd first joined ukip even before Gerard B did! Didn't you leave and then come back as we prepared for the general election which rattled Camoron and won the right to the referendum? Those were the days back ten years ago. I am afraid the ukip you remember is nothing to do with the ukip of today, which is run by lowlifes only to collect money from inheritances, not a penny of which goes to the party itself they divert it. They trick sincere ethical dedicated people like you to carry out political activities which helps the criminals in court when other beneficiaries or families or executors contest the Wills. Please, search the internet, news.google.com/search?q=ukip. I suggest you join REFORM, which has many defects, Tice does not convince, but is not a total fraud like ukip.

David Forman
2024-02-21 14:41:16

Clearly, Martin must be a remnant after Harlow Trades Union Council and Stand Up to Ukip whacked the kippers with two successful campaigns in 2015 and 2016. I hear some of the former Ukip councillors still have nightmares about local election day in 2016 when they had to dispose of their fancy rosettes for fear of being ridiculed on their way of the Latton Bush Centre!

David Forman
2024-02-21 15:06:25

Well, I'm sure Martin Harvey hopes to improve on his 50 votes for Reform UK in last year's local election for Epping Forest District council. He stood in the Lower Nazeing ward, which he contested for Ukip in 2018 and 2019. His best result was in 2019 with 208 votes. I think both Labour and Conservatives won't be losing any sleep at UKIP's return. See evidence at: https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/person/47740/martin-harvey

David Vincent
2024-02-21 15:17:57

A warning from history courtesy of YourHarlow: https://www.yourharlow.com/2019/04/23/harlow-ukip-defend-candidates-rape-jokes-and-fascist-pigs-comments/

Martin Harvey
2024-02-21 20:02:47

Harlow UKIP has sound realistic policies that will make life better for everyone in Harlow. As usual, Labour and Conservatives can only snipe with negativity and deceit

2024-02-21 23:42:34

But I am not Labour or Conservative. UKIP's printed policies are meaningless, Mr Harvey. It gets between 0.1 and 0.5 percent in elections and opinion polls so it will never have to implement any policies so it can make Magic Money Tree "costed" promises by the barrelful. You think its floating barrier wall policy in the English Channel, world's busiest waterway, is sensible? And UKIP Boss Ben Walker claimed he is a sailor, sounds more than dubious to me. Mr Vincent, I too recalled https://www.yourharlow.com/2019/04/23/harlow-ukip-defend-candidates-rape-jokes-and-fascist-pigs-comments, that was shortly after I grew disgusted by the path UKIP was taking under Batten and quit it, never to return.

Martin Harvey
2024-02-22 05:22:49

John, what is your real name and how many votes have you polled at elections ? The relevant truth of the situation is that at the last Council election I polled the 11th highest vote percentage out of 28 Reform Party candidates in Essex. At Westminster Parliamentary elections, I polled 4227 votes. As one of our great Bards said, 'there is one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about'.

2024-02-22 15:52:42

Only rank and file remaining in U.K.I.P. are those, like Harvey, who have yet to learn to google. :D Pass the popcorn.

2024-02-22 20:43:04

More bla-bla from Harvey. I hoped his backing Benjamin's rape "jokes" a momentary lapse, helped by Harvey's misplaced loyalty to Batten, then deep in bromance with jailbird Yaxley-Lennon. I thought Harvey's judgement might have improved for REFORM to accept him. I was wrong, thanks for the tipoff that Mr Harvey was found wanting in REFORM. Which is why he's back in UKIP, so desperate it dispensed with vetting. The post of Ukip leader is open even to those who join it on 1st March, the last date for applications. As long as they pay convicted cheat rogue-builder Walker 1500 quid.

Martin Harvey
2024-02-23 00:00:15

John is so deficient mentally that he is reduced to telling blatant lies, having no factual evidence for his insane rant.

Michael o'Leary
2024-02-26 11:39:45

WTF? The minimum-wage, broke night porter angry that the world fails to recognise his political and other geniass, and lashes out? Oh dear. No one knows Ukip less than its own members..... ;-)

2024-02-29 11:12:20

Methinks poor Mr Harvey has scuttled off. With every passing week a new scandal -- reputational, financial, sexual -- engulfing 'his' party, can you blame him? (rofl) Only in 2024 -- the five criminal convictions scandal, the sex pest screenshots scandal, the vanishing money scandal, the deputy leader quitting scandal, the getting kicked out as a magistrate scandal, the finishing last in Kingswood by-election scandal, the publishing lies about Reform scandal, the criminal investigation for perjury scandal, the admission of internal election rigging scandal, and I'm sure I've forgotten one or two. All in 2024! You still there, Mr Harvey? :D

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