Letter to Editor: Rough sleeping in England up 27%

Politics / Sat 2nd Mar 2024 at 07:26am

Dear Editor,

YESTERDAY’S  Government data revealed that shockingly, rough sleeping in England has risen 27% in the past year. And more than doubled since 2010.

These aren’t just statistics, they are people, thousands of people, who’s lives have fallen apart in a terrible way and haven’t had the support and back up they need at that critical moment. As a result they are sleeping on our streets each night.

This just should not be happening. One important way to reduce the number of people rough sleeping is to break the link between rough sleeping and the criminal justice system.

A third of rough sleepers have been in prison, and we know hundreds of people leave prison into homelessness every month.

This is despite the importance of stable housing in reducing reoffending. Where there are key moments like leaving prison, and someone is at risk of homelessness, we need to ensure that everything possible is done to help people find and keep a home for the long term.

Yours Campbell Robb,

Nacro, Chief Executive

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7 Comments for Letter to Editor: Rough sleeping in England up 27%:

Alan Hall
2024-03-02 16:57:36

This is very concerning. The root cause, of course, is an increasingly severe lack of affordable housing. Local authorities really need to get to grips - and up their game - with their Section 106 (planning) agreements with developers. Too often, planning and housing officers take developers’ financial appraisals (purportedly demonstrating insufficient funds to provide any, or the required amount of, affordable housing to be provided) for granted. Don’t forget, your affordable housing targets in your Local Plans are based on robust appraisals, taking account of all costs and forecast sales. Negotiate harder local authorities ! Developers have two appraisals - make sure yours are more in line with their TRUE ones.

2024-03-02 21:06:04

The simple solution is for anyone rough sleeping to simply cross the channel where you will be picked up by the RNLI, you will be put up in a luxury hotel given free NHS treatment 3 meals a day, and pocket money, all at a cost of over £3 billion to UK taxpayers

David Forman
2024-03-03 03:54:33

The now sacked Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI), David Neal, repeatedly laid the blame for the backlog of asylum claims down to government policies and Home Office mismanagement of the asylum system. The Tories changed the last Labour government policy so as to stop the ICIBI Chief independenly publishing his reports, as is the case for other Chief Inspectors. The agreed protocol of an 8-week delay in publication was designed to give the Home Office time to redact security related info and correct errors. However, this protocol has been routinely abused by the Home Office and some published ICIBI reports months late, with some not published at all. Dan Neal has reported these matters to the press and now the Home Office suddenly prints almost all of his outstanding reports: see https://www.peterboroughmatters.co.uk/news/national/24153604.home-office-publishes-13-reports-left-sacked-borders-watchdog/

David Forman
2024-03-03 04:08:52

To give a flavour of why ICIBI Chief Dan Neal was sacked I make reference to his June 2023 report on the Removal of Foreign National Offenders. The report lays bare the lack of Investment and incompetence: "Of particular concern was the situation regarding data and management information, with staff working from unwieldy local spreadsheets rather than a reliable central database that meets the needs of the business area." It goes on to say: "this inspection found that the only way for the Home Office to identify a nationality cohort awaiting deportation was to manually trawl through multiple spreadsheets." The report added: "Moreover, there is insufficient information to effectively identify which Foreign National Offenders could be removed from the country today. The Home Office does not have an overarching view of its caseworking system. In order to establish the current state of a particular case, case owners have to manually interrogate individual case records. This is no way to run a government department." These honest appraisals got Dan Neal the sack for exposing the Tory lies on the asylum backlog! See the report at: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1166304/An_inspection_of_the_Home_Office_s_operations_to_effect_the_removal_of_Foreign_National_Offenders_Oct_2022_to_Feb_2023.pdf

Alan Hall
2024-03-03 14:21:46

I thought this was an issue relating to rough sleeping.

Tracy George
2024-03-03 23:20:53

Another Tory 'achievement'.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-04 09:45:13

What do you expect, when all this talk about regeneration regeneration, is out of most people s reach. Regeneration for who, only for those that can afford it,that's who.. Affordable housing being cut by most developers, promise s broken for them at every turn. Public opinions ignored. Its all about the money.

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